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A First-Night

Book that Gets Prospects

Dreaming and

Excited About

the Business

Are You Living Your Dream?---How to Create Wealth and Live the Life You Want

John Fuhrman

Quality Paperback, 144 pp

    Are You Living Your Dream? presents the facts about today's economy, job security, money and help people to realize how things really are. It inspires readers to believe in their dreams and get into the business to make them come true.

    The colorful hot air balloons on the cover stir the imagination and convey a sense of freedom and rising above it all. The Appendix even tells "How To Get Started" (pages 131-142). This book reminds people why they're in the business which also makes it an excellent "Book-of-the-Month."

    While prospects can get caught up in all the enthusiasm of seeing "the plan," they often wake up the next day feeling unsure, overwhelmed, unbelieving, or pressured about what they just saw. The problem is, when a person feels pressured, unsure, or fearful about something, they're likely to reject it and they become another "no."
    Are You Living Your Dream?
helps eliminate pressure and fear assuring the prospect and minimizing their urge to reject the opportunity. This book is like having a compassionate leader sit down and talk sincerely with the prospect, reinforcing, giving more clarity to, and elaborating on what they just saw. This, of course, serves to promote a "yes"!

    It's an "after-the-meeting" book that "ties it all together" and gets people introduced to "the system" which they'll learn is "the secret."

    The book also serves as "a reality check" to motivate both prospects and distributors to go out and "do something." They'll probably realize they aren't doing as well as they may have thought. It lets them know that, no matter what their circumstances are, there is a way they can secure their future and live the life they want.
      Are You Living Your Dream? helps the readers think about their dreams and gives them hope that they can make them come true. Brief real-life stories of leaders in the business, from various backgrounds, are sprinkled throughout the book, to build relatability and a belief that "they can do it" too. It points to the business as the "vehicle of choice" for them to create a better life.
     Readers are also assured that nobody can steal their dream unless they let them. They'll learn that the dream is there for those who claim it. It'll help them discover and build their dream, and use it as their greatest motivator to build the business and make it happen.

   This book gives people hope. It encourages prospects to get "in" and people to get going, and encourages them to live their dream.