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Books Cover Topics Such As:


Building Spiritual and

Financial Capital

Ethics in Business

Living by Biblical Principles

Meeting New People and Expanding Your Sphere of Influence

Developing and Maintaining Excellent Relationships

Using High-Tech Communication Tools for Maximum Results with Others



Handling Rejection

Eliminating Procrastination and Excuses

Value-Based Living

Attitude and Enthusiasm


Successfully Running a Marriage-Based Business

Understanding People

Overcoming Obstacles

Public Speaking

Continuing Education


Getting Out of Debt


Money Management

Being a Strong, Compassionate Leader

Commitment and Perseverance

Financial Freedom

Inappropriate People-Pleasing

Dealing with Fear

Dream-Building and Goal-Setting


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e support people in changing their lives, discovering their purpose, reaching their goals and objectives, and making their dreams come true. Our mission is to help people grow and become the best they can be, and make a difference in the world as they help others.

e're committed to providing quality books, creatively written, to help people lead happier, more successful lives. We promise to publish books that are easy to read, understand, and apply—with covers that inspire and excite people into action!   

Watch Mike Markowski on "To Tell The Truth" circa 1973.

Broadband or Dialup.

Broadband or Dialup.

Who We Are—Our

"Unique Factor"

ur company has been publishing books since 1976, and we've been in the personal and business development arena since 1987. We bring a rich background to the publishing business including counseling, personal and business training, and motivational speaking. The more people we reached, the more empathy we felt for the human condition—and helping others grow.

e saw a great need for books sensitive to the needs and challenges of people building their careers or businesses, as well as their personal lives. Inspired to use the challenges, experiences, and talents we were blessed with, we have dedicated ourselves to creating these books and sharing them with others.

We Are Here to Support You—and Your Mission

e look forward to serving you the best way we know how—as your partner in success!

To better serve you, we are committed to running a cheerful, helpful, courteous, knowledgeable operation—with integrity, based on biblical standards. We are here to provide you with the best books we possibly can.

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