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Leaders Rave About Brighten Your Day With Self-Esteem

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- Ken Petty, President of K-P Consulting

    "Society is filled with people striving for what others think they 'should' be, rather than enjoying what and who they are. This is THE manual for a happier, more fulling life, and a celebration of who you are. Businesses, schools and families will benefit from the skills taught and the love shared."

- Jay Rifenbary, President, Rifenbary Training & Development Center & Author of No Excuse!

    "The self-esteem principles in this book will help you develop in-depth, meaningful, lasting, personal and professional relationships. They have helped us build a multimillion dollar worldwide distribution business."

- Russ and Linda Karlen, Network Marketing Professionals

    "A wealth of practical, wise formulas to put into life application. The product of an incredible man's mind, soul and living."

- Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE, Past President of The National Speakers Association

    "A life of true joy and happiness, the kind our Creator has in mind for us, is possible only when we possess a proper sense of our own self-esteem, which we control. Self-esteem needs to be worked at every day, as it deteriorates. That's the glory of Brighten Your Day With Self-Esteem a powerful, practical handbook for daily control of self-esteem."

- Fr. Bob Hunt, Member of the National Speakers Association

    "Bill McGrane has come alive in this book! His words reflect the wisdom and questioning skills of Socrates, delivered with the gentleness of a fawn. Read it, take action on Bill's self-esteem ideas, then watch what happens."

- Elizabeth Jeffries, CSP, Author of The Heart of Leadership

    "Bill McGrane was the greatest self-esteem teacher and model on earth. His ideas are transforming and have enabled me to create a life of joy and fulfillment beyond what I thought possible. Everyone needs to read this book!"

- Michael Wickett, Speaker, Author, Consultant

    "Bill McGrane has a great impact on thousands around the world. I predict that Brighten Your Day With Self-Esteem will have a profound impact on the lives of millions!"

- Dan Burrus, CSP, CPAE, Leading Technology Forecaster & Author of Technotrends