ISBN  978-0-938716-72-7   $14.95

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Begin the Journey to Become the Sup'rhero You Were Born to Be!

Are you ready to...


  • Rocket past your competitors?

  • Ignite you super powers?

  • Unleash boundless emotional energy?

  • Fly out of bed ready for victory?

  • Smash through any adversity?

  • Energize your professional skills?

  • Crush the villains that may be kicking your butt?

  • Explode with physical power in every activity?

  • Dazzle people with a compelling physical presence in 10 seconds?

  • Electrify every presentation with dynamic creativity?

  • Invigorate your personal passions?

  • Command daily

  • Gravity proof you gratitude?


...and blast beyond the goals of mere mortals?


Then you, my friend, need this!