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Forge Ahead Regardless of Who's Trying to Dissuade You!

    Press On! is a dynamic new tool developed to help you deal more effectively with naysayers, hearsay, innuendo, and opinions, whether in person or online, that could thwart your progress.


    Why aren't more of us getting the results we really want? We know the principles of success and how to apply them. So why, then, do so many of us listen to whiners, complainers, manipulators, and negative thinkers, acquiesce to their agendas?


   No matter what or who you may be up against, this breakthrough guide will help you ...


    ● Stand your ground while heading toward your objectives.

    ● Eliminate any ambiguity, guilt, or doubt and move forward.

    ● Break out of any "boxes" that may be holding you back.

    ● Ignore the "advice" of those who would sabotage you, online or off.

    ● Lead more effectively by better understanding others' motives.


    So why do some people appear to succeed effortlessly while most struggle? Michael reveals the little-known secrets of a sensitive but pervasive area of human relations that, if not understood, can thwart our efforts to press on. Follow his wisdom-packed guidance, strengthen your leadership skills.  


    Embrace the ideas in this book and rise to a commanding new level of proficiency in dealing more effectively with those who would take you off track. Read Press On! It'll help you fortify your ability and resolve to ... Press on and achieve your objectives!


   Never Let Naysayers, in Person or Online, Get You Off Track or Direct

   the Course of Your Life..