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"...this message

cuts to the

core of how to

rise above where

you are."

-Jay Rifenbary, Bestselling Author

of No Excuse!

The Parable of the Homemade Millionaire---Now Anyone Can Wake the Millionaire Within and Discover the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Bryan James

Quality Paperback, 120 pp

    The Parable of the Homemade Millionaire is a little book with a BIG message, offering sage advice that can help you create an extraordinarily successful, happy life.

    Intriguing and enlightening, it commands your attention as it reveals rarely-discussed secrets of those who really "make it." You'll learn how to more effectively think beyond your circumstances so you can create the life you want.

    The story begins when Jonathan and Jennifer Jones notice a prosperous couple, Michael and Ruth Zors, moving into the most expensive house in the neighborhood. They meet and Zors takes Jonathan under his wing, sharing secrets that propelled him to the pinnacle of success.

    Jonathan and Jennifer had been gainfully employed for over a decade but were becoming increasingly dissatisfied. Like most of us, they were taught that good educations and good jobs would set them up for life, but it just wasn't working out. Something was missing.

    This captivating story will give you hope, and compel you to take action, Strong, but lighthearted, Zors compassionately teaches Jonathan simple, yet powerful, techniques to achieve not only material success but also the ultimate fulfillment in helping others.

   Become aware of information now outside your frame of reference and discover the secrets of the rich and free.