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Now's the

Time to Seize

a Great


for Living a

Better Life


Time and Money 2 Live Your Dream---Now You Can Create a Brighter Future by Profiting from the Expansive Growth of an Innovative Business

John Fuhrman

Quality Paperback, 120 pp

    Most people are so busy following their daily routines, that they forget about pursuing their life's dreams. Why? They've accepted living paycheck to paycheck...working hard, trading time for money. They get paid only when they work, whether it's flipping burgers for $7 an hour or practicing law for $250. Does that scenario sound familiar to you?

    But...for doesn't have to be that way! You can team up with others who have opened their minds, envisioned a better future, and seized this opportunity. Like them, you can work toward resolving your time and money issues, gaining more financial security, and living more of your dream. How? By generating income from your home as you profit from the expansive growth of this innovative business. Imagine the potential of receiving ongoing income from work you've already done, even when you're not working!

    Wouldn't that give you more peace of mind?

    You'll be enabled by an online infrastructure with an offline support team of experienced mentors and coaches, blending high-tech and low-tech with high-touch. It's a business model that fits your lifestyle, where people help people accelerate their success.

    So, take action now before you find yourself saying, "If only I had invested some time in that opportunity when I first discovered it, I'd be so much further ahead! Why didn't I do it?"

   “If your life is ever going to get better, you’ll have to take a chance. There is simply no way you can grow—without taking chances.”

-David Viscot