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We are limited

only by the

size of our dreams

and the effort

we put into


The Power of Positive Productivity---Accelerate Your Success and Create the Life You Want

Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Ph.D.

Quality Paperback, 144 pp

    Have you ever felt stuck and afraid that life's going to pass you by if you don't soon make something more happen? Would you like to get to the point where things are just falling into place, and you are reaching your goals faster than ever? Are you sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck and not enjoying the lifestyle you would really like to have?

    ● Learn how to be more productive, not just busier.

    ● More consistently get or exceed the results you want.

    ● Overcome the perception of being inexperienced and get more appointments.

    ● Really get to know yourself so you can cultivate your desires and hone in on your


    ● Lead yourself and empower others so you can work smarter not just harder.

    ● Discover your own natural incentives which will automatically contribute to your

       being a positive producer.

    As you develop the habits of a positive producer, you'll start getting results faster than ever before and accelerate your success. In a most easy-to-read, straightforward way, Dennis shows you the fastest way to the top!

   "Determine never to be idle. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing."

-Thomas Jefferson