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Would You

Like More of Your People to Do Whatever it Takes

to Build a Big Business?

If They Say No, Just Say NEXT!---24 Secrets for Going Through the Noes to Get to the Yeses

John Fuhrman

Quality Paperback, 168 pp

     If They Say No Just Say NEXT! is John's sequel to his international bestseller, Reject Me, I Love It! It teaches distributors how to develop the "Some Will, Some Won't, So What NEXT! " attitude they need to build the business.

    It shows people how to have compassion for everyone, including those who say no, so they don't sever any relationships, which could lead to possible yeses later.

    Written exclusively for people building a business, it can help them all, those who are new or discouraged, and even seasoned pros who just need a boost to keep on going.

    ● This exciting new book helps business builders understand the "numbers game."

       It will never be how many say no versus how many say yes. The game is

       simply to keep going through the numbers: SW, SW, SW, NEXT!

    ● If They Say No Just Say NEXT! helps readers discover that they're already

       close to success. The book helps them develop a positive attitude about

       noes, so they can persist until they succeed.

    ● Many books have motivational qualities. This book goes one step further it

       has Activational power! It's written to help people feel compelled to get out 

       there and build their businesses, regardless of the answers.

   This book teaches people to stay focused and to keep driving toward their dreams, no matter how many noes they may get!