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"...By incorporating

the No Excuse!' philosophy into your

life, you'll be able to accelerate to where

you want to be tomorrow."

-Daniel E. Ruettiger, author of Rudy's Rules and the inspiration for the movie Rudy!

No Excuse! The Workbook---Your Companion to the Book to Help You Live the "No Excuse!" Lifestyle

Jay Rifenbary

Quality Paperback, 64 pp

    Have you ever heard yourself or anyone else make these excuses?

    ● I don't have any time.                               ● Under the circumstances

    ● It's not my responsibility.                          ● I can't handle it.

    ● I'm all stressed out.                                  ● If only I would have.

    ● It's not my fault.                                       ● It's who you know.

    ● Don't blame me.                                     

    ● I don't have any money!                           

    ● It's all your fault.

    ● I'm too shy.

    ● It won't work.

    Learn how to rid yourself of excuse making and get on with it!

    ● Break through the barriers between you and achievement.

    ● Eliminate all excuses from your life.

    ● Discover or update your personal definition of success.

    ● Unleash the potential within you.

    ● Learn how to be happy and successful.

    ● Stop sabotaging your own success, move on to a life of excellence, and

       make your dreams come true.

   "Never before has society needed the philosophy in these pages more...the time is now to stand up and be totally accountable for our own actions..."

-J. Charles Plumb