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"If we were

to do all we were capable of doing, we would astonish ourselves."

-Thomas Edison

No Excuse!---Incorporating Core Values, Accountability, and Balance into Your Life and Career

Jay Rifenbary

Quality Paperback, 336 pp

    Jay gives you a treasury of ideas to help you overcome obstacles and achieve excellence. He provides a concise plan for returning personal responsibility to our homes, at work, and in other areas of our lives.

    This book helps organizations and individuals return to this sense of ownership. You'll learn how to live the "No Excuse!" lifestyle built on a solid foundation of self-responsibility, purpose, and integrity. Then you'll discover the secrets of the Thesaurus Factor; twelve key principles for personal and professional success.


    In this book you'll learn...

    ● Why you need to forgive, and how to do it so you can move on.

    ● How to live a self-esteem lifestyle for greater happiness and success.

    ● How to elevate your attitude and enthusiasm so you can be more productive and  

       inspire others.

    ● How to sustain self-control for personal and professional excellence.

    ● How to always be honest with yourself and others for utmost integrity.

    ● Why you need a dream and how to discover it and set goals to achieve it.

    ● How to upgrade your knowledge and skills to get the results you want.

    ● How to understand people and personalities for more effective communication and


    ● How to truly succeed for a happy, fulfilling, and well-balanced life.

    No Excuse! is jam packed with anecdotes to clarify key points, while it's inspirational messages will touch your soul and lift your spirits. Every chapter wraps up with an action plan for easy reference and application. Jay's knowledge, energy, and sincerity flow from the pages and into your mind and heart.    

   "Jay has given us a real gift. Anyone who reads and applies the 'No Excuse!' philosophy daily can create the life they want and make a difference!"

-Jack Canfield, Bestselling Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul