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Meet New

People and

Make Friends Everywhere

You Go

The Power of Meeting New People---Start Conversations, Keep Them Going, Build Rapport, Develop Friendships, and Expand Business

Debra Fine

Quality Paperback, 144 pp

    Are you reluctant introducing yourself to new people? Do you fear talking with people you don't know? Ever get lost for words? Are you afraid of saying something stupid...being rejected...or feeling like an intruder? Would you like to feel more comfortable mingling with others and be able to make friends more easily?

The Power of Meeting New People will help you...

● Overcome the fear of meeting new people, starting a conversation, and connecting

   with others; regardless of the occasion, event, or situation.

● Be composed and self assured when talking to prospects and clients.

● Feel more at ease and make everywhere you go a people-meeting adventure.

● Avoid pregnant pauses and awkward silences, and prevent foot-in-mouth disease. 

● Convey warmth and caring so other people are more likely to feel friendly toward


● Make a positive, lasting impression from the moment you say hello by using

   icebreakers, body language, and casual conversation.

● Acquire listening skills so you can become a better conversationalist and friend.


    Would you like the rich rewards that can come only by increasing the number of people you meet? Deb, going from shy nerd to an out-going people person, shares how she did just that. Her easy-to-use tips and techniques can help you, too, reach new levels of achievement!

   The skills needed for meeting and casually talking with new people are key ingredients to greater success!