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The ability

to concentrate,

focus, and use your time well is everything.


Focus on Your Dream---How to Turn Your Dreams and Goals Into Reality

Jeffery D. Smith

Quality Paperback, 166 pp

Focus on Your Dream shows you how to...

    ● Decide what your dream is and how to make it happen.

    ● Decide what you're willing to devote your life to, and develop a "focus 


    ● Let go of limiting beliefs and focus on beliefs that will help you win.

    ● Think like the wealthy and enjoy the results.

    ● Turn your dream into an achievable goal.

    ● Become a "goal-setter" and develop a Goal Achievement Daily Action Plan.

    ● Learn the "Laws of Focus," incorporate them into your life, and start living 

       your dream.

   "The first law of concentration, blend all the energies to one point (focus), and go directly to that point, looking neither to the right nor the left."

-William Matthews