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"Even if

you're on the

right track, you'll

get run over

if you just

sit there."

-Will Rogers

Full Speed Ahead---Accelerating Through the Challenges While Pressing on to Victory

Joyce Weiss, CSP

Quality Paperback, 144 pp

    Full Speed Ahead can help you...

  • Gain more control over their personal and business lives so they can avoid the potholes and drive their way to greater success.

  • Recharge your battery and turn negatives into positives so you can always start your "engine" and go for it.

  • Tune-up your "funny bone" and use high-octane humor to attract people into your lane who will follow you to success.

  • Use communication as a two-way street to build rapport and relationships with more people.

  • Appreciate the differences in people and develop a team of drivers to travel together on the road of success.

  • Get in the fast lane by setting goals so you can avoid detours and stay on the highway to your dream.

  • Make quality decisions and stay committed where "the rubber meets the road" by doing whatever it takes.


Have Your People Put the Pedal to the Metal

and Moved into the Fast Lane?

    ● This exciting new book helps people challenge themselves so they can grow

       and reach their full potential. Through the unique use of automotive

       metaphors, it teaches them how to let their dream drive them to overcome

       any obstacles they may have let get in their way in the past.

    ● Full Speed Ahead features stories from the author's workshop participants

       as well as from her own personal experiences, illustrating how the human

       spirit can accelerate through challenges and go full speed ahead. Its proven

       practical exercises will help your people recognize the skills they already

       have to excel.     

    ● They'll also learn about the tools they need so they can fine-tune and add to

       those skills to get in the fast lane and make their dream a reality. They'll   

       discover that, to go for their next goal, they'll need to shift their thinking

       and behavior into the next higher gear.

    ● As people move on, they'll discover that they need to confront challenges,

       which is what provides them with tremendous opportunities for growth. As

       George Patton, Jr. said, "Accept challenges so that you may feel the

       exhilaration of victory."

   This book teaches people how to tune-up their "funny bone" and use high octane humor to attract people who will follow them to success.