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the Keys to a Successful

Sales Career or Business!

Congratulations! You're a Millionaire!---The Secrets to Selling Your Way to a Fortune

Brian Gotta

Quality Paperback, 168 pp

    What could it be worth to discover the secrets to motivation, discipline, and desire, while learning techniques to bring your selling skills to the highest level possible? The answer? Millions of dollars that could be waiting for you after reading Congratulations! You're a Millionaire!

    Among the things you'll learn are...

    ● Who can be a millionaire and how it can happen for you.

    ● The ways to "build a wall" of success through discipline.

    ● Where to get the confidence you'll need to begin.

    ● Proven techniques to insure you'll always have plenty of prospects,

       customers, and clients.

    ● The four simple steps of any great sales and marketing presentation. And

       much, much more!


    Brian teaches specifics on how to capture your dream, how you can earn it, how, indeed, you can become a millionaire. This book is education for the motivated and motivation for the educated. It is a must-read for anyone beginning a career in sales, starting or building a business, thinking of leaving an unrewarding job, and even sales pros who know that one can always learn more about how to win!

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   You may never have read many books on salesmanship, but you will never read one with more practical down-to-earth advice and "how to" than "Congratulations! You're a Millionaire!"