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who got where

he is had to

begin where

he was."

-Robert Louis Stevenson

Being Better Than Your Best---How You Can Raise Your Own Bar by Recreating Who You Really Are

Danny and Marie Lena

Quality Paperback, 144 pp

    How could anyone possibly be better than his or her best, you ask? What could you do that would be even better than what you're already doing?
    Have you ever felt you weren't quite living up to your potential but just didn't know how to go beyond your current level of achievement?

    Being Better Than Your Best shows you how to:

    ● Recreate yourself to stay motivated to reach your goals.

    ● Raise your own bar and blast through the fear of failure.

    ● Solve problems more effectively by using the 90/10 formula.

    ● Redefine work and move on from struggle. 

    ● Create a new heart in business and improve your relationships.

    ● Balance work and home life to be happier and more successful.

    Yes! You can become better than your best. As you do, you'll find a greater sense of joy, purpose, and meaning in your personal and professional life. Read this book and make it happen for you!

    “When you choose to be better than your best, you’ll uncover the courage and strength necessary to face the daily challenges, disappointments, and hardships on your road to success.”

-Danny and Marie Lena